While capacity, charging and range might be foreign concepts now, it's because EVs are still in their early days. Hybrids also were mysterious to most car shoppers when Toyota introduced the Prius ...
Disconnecting a battery while the engine is running could destroy the sensitive electronic components connected to the electrical system such as the emission computer, radio, audio system, cell phone, alarm system, etc., or the charging system because the peak voltage can rise to 40 volts or more. Prior to 1980, removing a battery terminal was an accepted practice to test charging systems of that era.
Feb 16, 2013 · I was just driving the car around today to get the monitors ready for my second and hopefully final emissions test, when I noticed the battery light come on. It is always on and does not turn off. The battery voltage when off is 13V, when on it was about 12.2.
Battery Pack for Parking Mode 1-hour charge/12-hour operation Capacity 3000mA/12.8V Input 12V-24V Cigarette Lighter Output 12V/1A, 2 USB