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This tek is based off of several other techniques found on the, as well as taken from the canonical reference (the “Shroom bible”) “The Mushroom Cultivator”. I reference these teks at the bottom, and would like to take this opportu- nity to thank their authors for the knowledge that made the success of this tek possible.
Let sit for 3 days in darkness without fresh air in order to colonize the casing layer a little. Step six: Fruiting Now you need to introduce light, and fresh air. Mist carefully with a fine mister 3-4 times a day.
ok coyote, this is what i have been doing for now. when the corn is fully colonized i dump it into a loaf pan. throw a layer of a (60/40 peat/verm) casing mix on it. for every 2 inches of corn, a 1/4 of casing mix. has been working best for me right now. but i'm still experimenting. i'm goin to play with coir next.