What is it? Recycled Crumb Rubber Olympic Bumper Plates, with chemically bonded 10mm steel inserts. Medium bounce, and great durability. Hard-core styling in black. Bumper plates allow you to safely drop any load from the waist, chest, or even overhead...
Quality, affordable bumper plates built to last a lifetime. Benches. Flat. Adjustable. Organize. Freestanding storage.
Suitable for bumper plates; 400kg recommended maximum load capacity evenly distributed. Note - Size/Thickness of weight plates will affect available storage capacity. Features rubber feet for traction. Black powder coated frame / Chrome weight plate arms. This rack is supplied in a single cardboard box - 950mm x 250mm x 140mm - Gross weight 13.9kg.
Jun 09, 2016 · 15 Creative Ideas To Organize Dish And Plate Storage On Your Kitchen Drawer Outfitted With Pegboard Inserts (via bhg ) When it comes to the organization of all these dishes and plates on your kitchen it’s hard to make it work.