e.g. The Sheriff has a castle. Extended activity For students of a higher level, ask them to write the verbs in column A in their past simple form, e.g. have – (had). Then write the sentences below in the past simple. Answer key 1. Have (had) – a castle (The Sheriff of Nottingham) 2. Catch (caught) – a criminal (The Sheriff of Nottingham) 3.
2. g razor b. imagining 3. e popular c. infants 4. f hospital d. mother or father's father 5. b pretending e. person or thing that is liked by many people 6. d grandfather f. place where medical treatment is given 7. h mentioned g. sharp metal blade 8. a fearless h. said or referred to something Now try this: Write a sentence using each of the ...
Assigned Reading There is no prescribed textbook for the course. Instead, readings are assigned to accompany each class throughout the semester; these are made available through the E-Reserves webpage for the course. Typically, there is one obligatory reading plus at least one optional reading in support of each meeting of the class.
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