Sep 15, 2017 · RVU (Relative value unit) is a method the United States Medicare system uses to value reimbursement for physician services. Some physician contracts, such as my contract, is 100% based on production, or how many RVU’s I bill for.
Mar 22, 2019 · My RVU rate is $54.57. I live in an area of Texas where they try to retain doctors. My minimum RVU's I have to produce a month are 296. I average 550-600 rvu's a month. I have to work 10 days a month but generally pick up 4-5 extra days on my weeks off.
Nov 06, 2020 · That service has zero wRVUs because it is staff work. It does have total RVUs and a payment. The second code released in 2018, 93973, was for non-face-to-face review of INR results and management. It is for reviewing the results of an INR done at home, at the office or in a lab.
Unit (RVU) from 0.97-2.11; procedures have an RVU from. Posted on January 15, 2019 by admin . This entry was posted in PDF and tagged 2019 , cpt , rvu , values .